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AceProAV 7 Port Laptop Stand & Docking Station Review

Ergonomic Design and Expansive Connectivity in One

The AceProAV 7 Port Docking Station streamlines workspaces by serving as an all-in-one connectivity hub and ergonomic laptop stand compatible with a wide range of Windows and macOS devices. With its array of ports, including HDMI, USB-A, Ethernet, and USB-C, it meets diverse connectivity needs.

The built-in stand supports laptops up to 14 inches, promoting improved posture and comfort. Its space-saving design, which can also accommodate phones and tablets, keeps desks clutter-free.

By transforming workspaces into efficient, organized, and ergonomic environments, the AceProAV 7 Port Docking Station is a versatile solution for professionals, students, and home offices.

Best For

  • Laptop users who want to streamline and arrange their work area in a more ergonomic and effective way.
  • Improving posture and comfort when working for extended periods on your laptop.
  • Productivity-focused users who need to connect multiple devices to their laptop.


  • Doesn’t have a downstream USB-C port.
  • Does not come with a power adapter. It supports up to 100W of power delivery, but the dock itself uses 7W of that power.
  • Made to fit laptops of ~14 inches. Larger laptops may be unstable.

Our Verdict

The AceProAV 7 Port Docking Station is a really versatile and well-designed productivity tool. Its ability to transform into both an ergonomic laptop stand and full-fledged docking station makes it a space-saving, clutter-reducing must-have for any desk setup.

The high quality and durable aluminum alloy construction gives it a sturdy, stable feel that also helps dissipate heat. The adjustable laptop arms allow you to customize the perfect wrist-friendly typing angle. And raising the screen to eye level reduces strain on your neck and back compared to a low laptop position.

Connectivity-wise, it is nice – 2x HDMI, USB-A, Ethernet, and a host USB-C. However an extra USB-C downstream port would’ve been nice.

It supports up to 100W power delivery, though it uses 7W itself. So factor that into how much power your charger can provide. But for general usage, my 30W Mac charger powered it fine.

At its affordable price point, the versatility, build quality, ergonomics and connectivity make this an exceptional value docking station. As you’ll notice throughout the review, I love it.

Overall, for anyone seeking an all-in-one productivity booster, I 100% recommend this docking statio.

Front view of the AceProAV 7 port laptop stand, with bracket arms extended.


The docking station has ports only on the back side:

1x HDMI 2.0
Supports up to 4K@60Hz
1x HDMI 2.1
Supports up to 8K@30Hz
2x USB-A (5Gbps)
Standard USB ports for accessories, supports moderate speed data transfer
1x Ethernet (1Gbps)
Wired internet connection, supports up to 1000 Mbps speed
1x USB-C Host Port (10Gbps)
Connects to your computer, supports high-speed data transfer
1x Power Delivery USB-C (charger not included)
Charges devices, up to a certain wattage (specified by your charger)

Displays & Graphics

The docking station requires your laptop to have USB-C with support for DP Alt Mode and power delivery for full functionality. The docking station is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4.

DP Alt Mode enables a USB-C port to transmit DisplayPort video signals to external displays without needing a separate cable. It allows a USB-C port to serve both as a data connection and a DisplayPort video output.

The AceProAV 7 port docking station has 2 HDMI ports capable of extending 2 external displays when used with most computers. This allows each display to show a separate extended desktop area.

However, when used with the base M1/M2 Macs, only 1 external display can be extended due to limitations with those chips. The docking station can mirror the built-in Mac display to up to 2 external monitors, but is restricted to extending to just 1 external monitor for base M1/M2 Macs.

My M1 Air connected to the dock with one extended monitor.

Intel-based Macs do not have this restriction, and can extend the desktop to up to 2 external displays through the docking station. In summary:

  • Windows: Extend up to 2 monitors
  • Mac with base M1/M2: Extend 1 monitor, Mirror up to 2
  • Mac with Intel: Extend up to 2 monitors
Visual representation of supported display modes with Windows vs MacOS (base M1/M2)

Video Output Table

The following are tables summarizing the key video output capabilities of HDMI ports based on DisplayPort host versions and operating systems. You can also find a table in the AceProVA manual that comes in the package, but this is what I thought is an easier to follow version.

HDMI Output Capabilities

Maximum Resolution with DP 1.4 Host
Maximum Resolution with DP 1.2 Host

Output Modes for Different Configurations

DP 1.4 Host Output
DP 1.2 Host Output
Single Video [HDMI 1]
Up to 8K@30Hz
Up to 4K@30Hz
Single Video [HDMI 2]
Up to 4K@60Hz
Up to 4K@30Hz
Dual Video Output
Up to 4K@30Hz + 1080p@60Hz
1080p@60Hz + 1080p@60Hz

Monitor Display Compatibility

Operating System
Supported Modes
Dual Extend Mode, Mirror Mode
Mac OS (base M1/M2)
Single Extend Mode (only), Mirror Mode

Power Delivery

The docking station doesn’t come with its own power adapter, so you’ll need to plug it into the adapter from your laptop.

It supports a maximum of 100W and it uses 7W of power, so always subtract 7W from your charge’s total wattage.

The charger that comes with the M1 Macs is only 30W. Since the dock uses 7W, that leaves just 23W for powering the M1 Mac. That’s not a ton of headroom, especially if you’re doing processor-intensive work that needs the full 30W.

My OEM Mac M1 charger delivering 30W – 7W (for the dock) = 23W

However for regular usage the M1 typically draws under 23W. So when not taxing the system, the 30W adapter can provide enough power to prevent battery drain while docked. But intensive tasks may require more headroom to avoid slow drainage.

Charging via the Apple adapter at ~20W

The bottom line is that for full performance under heavy loads, make sure to check how much power your laptop needs and how much your charger can provide, and subtract 7W for the dock.

So far I haven’t had any issues with this, since I don’t push my M1 too hard, and if I did I’m using a Ugreen Nexode 300W charger that delivers 100W.

Laptop Stand Capabilities & Benefits

Ergonomic Laptop Stand

It can hold laptops up to 14 inches when using it as a stand. Anything bigger might be a little unstable on it.

Adjustable Bracket Arms

One of my favorite features of this laptop stand are the adjustable bracket arms. They’re these nifty articulating arms that fold out from under the laptop to hold your laptop while angled.

You can type super comfortably without the bracket lips getting in the way of your wrists. The arms fold out so you can position them just how you like.

They have tiny foldable clips at the ends to grip your laptop and prevent slipping. If the clips touch your palms, you can angle the brackets inward a bit to get them out of the way.

The arms feel really sturdy – no worries about them breaking or anything.


Using the stand improves your posture and reduces strain on your neck, shoulders, and eyes by raising your screen up to a better height.

It’s also way more comfortable on your wrists since you can position them at a natural angle.

The viewing angle it provides is much better for your spine than hunching over a low laptop screen.

I’m usually a desktop guy so I don’t use a laptop much at my desk. I never realized how uncomfortable the flat laptop angle was until getting this stand. Now using my laptop is actually enjoyable and doesn’t hurt my neck or back.

Saves Spaces as a Vertical Stand & Desk Organizer

The stand can hold any laptop under 0.8 inches (2 cm) thick when used vertically. You can also stand a tablet up in it. It’s great if you want to use your laptop like a desktop but keep it closed and out of the way to save space. Just put it in the stand vertically, connect to the docking station, and you’re good to go!

The soft silicone padding and barrier lips keep everything steady and prevent scratches.

Showcasing the silicone padded lips which prevent your laptop from any sratches.

Additional Phone/Tablet Holder

There’s a groove you can slide your phone or tablet into as well. Super handy for keeping all your devices together!

You can use it to prop up or store your cell phone, iPad, or other gadgets too. It’s a great catch-all organizer.

Setup, Installation & User Experience

The setup was super easy – just plug and play. Although it doesn’t have many ports, I love the simple design and how versatile it is.

The only thing I wish it had is a USB-C port, but overall I’m a big fan of its simplicity and functionality.

Ergonomic Experience

Using it has been really ergonomic and comfortable, which was a nice surprise.

I don’t usually use lightweight laptops for long work sessions because they can feel awkward, and I prefer desktops.

Using a thin laptop angled like this is a game-changer (I’m not saying this lightly) for people who are used to using it while it’s lying flat – at least people like me, who are kind of noobs with thin laptops.

Keeping at a straight angle at my desk is uncomfortable for me and made me avoid using it while at my home office desk. Now it’s great, the screen is higher, and it’s much more comfortable to type – the angled keyboard really makes a difference for my base M1 (I’m not a big fan of the built-in keyboard)


The dock is silent – it doesn’t make any noise at all during use.

Heat Dissipation

The durable aluminum alloy construction keeps it sturdy and stable. It also dissipates heat really well, so no issues with overheating. The design helps pull heat away from your laptop.

Data Transfer

I tested the USB-A 3.0 port (5Gbps) by hooking up an external SSD. The transfer speeds were solid – around 352 MB/s write and 336 MB/s read. So the USB 3.0 performance is as advertised.

Build & Design

The stand is made from durable aluminum alloy which makes it really sturdy and stable – no wobbling at all.

The slots and bottom have non-slip silicone mats that prevent your laptop and stuff from getting scratched up. The mats also help keep everything in place.

Bottom silicone mats that help with stability.

I’m a big fan of the multifunctional design while still keeping it simple. It’s not overly complicated and has just what you need.

Brand, Support & Community

AVLT is a Taiwanese company with a wide range of products and they seem to know what they’re doing.

Their support team has been very responsive. I reached out to them about a warranty question at 3AM Taiwan time on a Sunday morning. They got back to me promptly at 8AM their time on Monday, so first thing in the morning – on both Facebook and Mail.

They have an Instagram contest where you can win back the cost of your monitor mount by sharing before and after pics of your setup. Definitely worth checking out!

So in my experience, their customer service has been great and they seem really involved and aiming to grow their community.

Price & Value

I think this docking station delivers great value for the price. The high quality materials, compact design, and versatility make it well worth it.

As my first docking/stand combo, I’m really impressed with how much thought clearly went into the overall concept. It’s ergonomic, space-saving, aesthetically pleasing, and the 100W power delivery ensures it can handle anything I throw at it.

The ability to alternate between a vertical stand, standard laptop stand, and full docking station is genius – it’s so multi-functional! I love being able to switch modes and positions to best suit my needs at the moment.

I may be biased since this is my first product of its kind, but I genuinely love it. For the price, the material quality, versatility, power delivery and well-executed design make this an excellent value purchase in my opinion. This thing has become an essential part of my desk setup.


AVLT offers a 2 year warranty for the AceProAV 7 port docking station. I haven’t found it mentioned online, but asked them via Facebook and Email and they confirmed and pointed that it’s also written on the package:

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